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Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment, No Move Out Needed

Termite Treatment in Local areas can be done for any type of Termites in the Los Angeles area.  If you have a single area or maybe a few areas we can offer a localized Termite Treatment.  This, of course, all depends on if the Termite Infestation is small and in a single general area, or if its a large scale termite infestation.  A good example would be a window frame that has been infested by a small colony of drywood or subterranean termites.   If this is the case then there would be no reason or need to fumigate the whole structure and move out for the Termite Treatment.

Termite Treatments in a Local Area and how Easy Termite handles them

This localized Termite Treatment starts working the moment it is applied by your Easy Termite Control Expert.  From the start of our Termite Treatment Services first moment, it is applied till the last termite touches it, Termidor works on a transfer effect. We start our Termite Treatment by injecting Termidor through some holes we have drilled and through some termite kick out holes.  From there on the Termidor begins to take full effect.

Termite Treatments in Local Areas and how it works

The first termites that walk through the Termidor will become instantly infected by the chemical and will infect any termite it comes in physical contact with.  This will spread the Termidor through the entire colony, killing all the Termites in the infestation.  This works like a domino effect until every Termite is finally exterminated.  Termidor is a very important tool for offering good Termite Treatment in a localized area.  It can take a while for the Termidor to effectively exterminate the entire colony but is a very effective product as well as a process because it is safe and simple Termite Treatment. Depending on the situation you might even be able to inject some foam around the area for extra coverage. That would be a local treatment. As with all of our services we offer a full guarantee of our Local Termite Treatment for one full year to treated areas.