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Termite Protection Los Angeles

Termite Protection Plan and Termite Prevention

Termite Protection Plan or TCS as some people call it, is when we come and do a complete inspection of your home and depending on what we find we can offer you a service contract that covers you for a year at a certain price. There are a few things of course that we have to have in order to do this.  Your home must start out free of a live infestation of either Drywood or Subterranean Termites. If your home only has a few spots we would do a local treatment and probably still put you on a contract. (That would be entirely at our discretion) and your home must be in fairly good shape.

Termite Protection Plan will Keep your home Termite Free all Year long

Once our Termite Protection Planning Specialists come to your home and finish your homes inspection they will let you know if you qualify for our Termite Protection Plan.  If you do not qualify, no worries, our Termite Specialist will let you know what steps need to be taken in order to qualify and will even work to help your home qualify.

Easy Termite makes Termite Protection Easy

Our Termite Protection Plan is the Number 1 way to ensure your property stays free of Termite and Termite Damage.  No more worrying about unseen damage going on behind your walls or a costly termite infestation happening since we will issue only the best Termite Protection Plan that will keep your home safe and Termite Free.  You can rest assure that Easy Termite has you covered and will be happy to know our highly trained Termite Protection Plan Team will keep a watchful eye over your biggest investment, your home.  If you want to inquire about our Termite Protection Plan give us a call and we will be glad to provide more in-depth detail on the phone.  We can also just send our Highly Trained Termite Inspector to your home and issue a full inspection for Free.

Termite Protection by Easy Termite