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Termite Inspection

Free Termite Inspection

Free Termite Inspection by a highly trained and knowledgeable termite specialist is the best kind of Termite Inspection. Most pest control exterminators are familiar with seeing tubes along a stem wall and identifying them as subterranean termites, but an experienced Termite Inspection Specialist can tell you much more including a damage estimation. Few exterminators do not have the ability to look closely at those tubes to identify the species of subterranean termite or understand the differences can determine the most effective treatment method. Fewer exterminators have the experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation from less common types of termites. Often these types of infestations go undetected for years and leave homeowners with expensive damage repairs and a home with a reduced resale value.  But our team of Termite Inspection Specialists can assess any infestation, amount of damage and provide you with a detailed report on whats going on behind the walls of your home.   When the value and safety of your home is at stake always choose a company that specializes in Termite Control to provide you with a detailed, and accurate Termite Inspection.  Not to mention, our team offers a FREE Termite Inspection.

About Termite Inspection by Easy Termite

First, let me explain the difference between our Termite Inspection. There’s a limited Free Termite Inspection That is one which is limited to certain areas, (window, garage etc.). Then there is a complete Free Termite Inspection of your home. That’s in and outside of the structure, crawl space and attic if any as well as garage.  And last but not least an Escrow Termite Inspection report which is the same as a complete inspection except for the way it is put into the computer, it’s a different format they use.  Here at “Easy Termite” we do not charge for a limited Free Termite Inspections or a complete Free Termite Inspection. There’s no need to we feel. Whether is 1300sq.ft. or 4000sq.ft. our inspections are always free. The only thing is obviously it will take more time to do a larger home, so you have to account for that accordingly.  So pick up the phone or send us an email and we will have one of our trained Termite Specialists give you a call to set up your Free Termite Inspection.

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