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Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation in Los Angeles

Termite Fumigation is the number one way to ensure your home is getting the best Drywood Termite Control.  When you discover from a termite inspection that you have a drywood termite infestation in your home you have a few choices of how you will want to treat them to get rid of them, one choice being Termite Fumigation or as some people refer to it as a tenting. It can be a small infestation or an extensive one. Termite Fumigation only works on drywood termites. It will not kill subterranean termites. The Termite Fumigation specialists shoot a certain amount of Vikane gas into your structure in order to kill all the drywood termites. Termite Fumigation is a personal choice and if you’re interested in fuming your property for drywood termites give us a call and we would be more than happy to come out, sit and talk with you about how it works and what preparations you would have to do.

Termite Fumigation is the best solution for a large Termite Infestation

Termite Fumigation as noted before will only work on Drywood Termites.  This service is not always necessary and it only recommended when all other services would not be effective.  Once our Termite Inspectors issue your Free Termite Inspection they will inform you of what options are best to tackle your infestation.  Most times a small infestation can be quickly handled by a Localized Treatment or a simple Termite Control Service.  Other times, especially with a large Drywood Termite infestation the best course of action would be the full-on Termite Fumigation.

Termite Fumigation and how we handle them

So it turns out that a Termite Fumigation is needed, what next?  First off we work with the highest rated Termite Fumigation and Tenting company in all of Los Angeles.  Once we have gone through the steps with you and agree on following through with a Termite Fumigation we contact the Tenting Professionals.  They will have a team come out and access the best way to tent your property.  This will often mean you will have to follow certain steps in preparing your belongings for the service.  With our partner company, we will cover all steps for the process and explain everything to you on what we need you to do on your part.  Termite Fumigation is a safe and extremely effective method of Drywall Termite Control and once completed you can make arrangements with Easy Termite on a Termite Protection Plan to ensure your home is safe and Termite Free all year long.  If you have any further questions on our services get in contact with Easy Termite and we will be happy to have our highly trained team member explain in detail all of our services including Termite Fumigation.