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Termite Control

Termite Control for your Home in Los Angeles

Termite Control can be localized, Full Treatment, or Fumigation (Tenting).   The course of Termite Control all depends on many factors, such as how big the Termite Infestation and What type of Termite is infesting your home. If our Termite Inspection Specialist only finds a few small infested areas, we can do a local treatment which consists of drill and spot treatment for of Termite Control.  If the Termite Infestation consists of a large scale Drywood Termite infestation we would recommend either a full Termite Control solution or for a more successful treatment, Tenting Fumigation Service.

Termite Control for a Small Termite Infestation

With a Local Treatment, our Termite Control Specialist further inspect the Infested areas where we found an active infestation. Our Termite Control expert will then drill holes in and around the area and apply Termidor and cover the holes to prevent the Termites from escaping.  Our Termite Control Specialist may also foam the voids around the area as well. For a more affordable simple form of Termite Control, we can also offer just a foaming treatment.

Termite Control for a Large Scale Drywood Termite Infestation

For a large scaled Drywood Termite infestation, we recommend Termite Fumigation Service or Tenting.  Easy Termite only recommends Fumigation Termite Control for worst-case scenarios as this will take much longer than a couple hours and will require our customers to evacuate their home for a longer period of time, usually a couple of days.  With Fumigation Termite Control the biggest benefit is you are getting a chance to treat your entire home all at once, to ensure that your home becomes Termite Free.  Instead of treating just a few areas your entire house will be treated.  With Fumigation Termite Control the fumigation tent will be on for two nights and three days, you get to go back in on the third day when the house is clear and safe for re-entry. Our Termite Specialist will go over the steps needed on your part to prep your home for Fumigation Termite Control, such as bagging your clothes and food to ensure total safety.  Our customers’ Safety is always our number one priority at Easy Termite.  After a Fumigation, especially in a Termite prone location, we suggest following up with our Termite Protection plan to ensure your home continues to stay Termite Free all year long.  These are only a few options when it comes to handling termites and for more information please contact us and we will have our highly trained termite specialists go over the best course of action when it comes to receiving only the best Termite Control.

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