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Subterranean Termite Control

Subterranean Termite Control in Los Angeles by Easy Termite

Easy Termite provides only the Highest Quality Subterranean Termite Control in Los Angeles

Subterranean Termite Control is a much different process then when treating Drywood or other Termites. Subterranean Termites have a much more different way of living.  Subterranean Termites normally build their colonies in the soil where there is lots of moisture because they require a high moisture content to survive.  Subterranean Termites can not only live in the soil but also in damp and moist wood. Subterranean Termites build their nests underground with shelter tubing or “Mud Tubes” as some people call them.  They use their Mud Tubes to travel through so that they can go above ground and start destroying the wood in your home. They are very social insects. They have workers who feed the colony and take care of the queen’s needs, while the soldiers defend their colonies, which make it a well organized and efficient colony of termites that are also very destructive.  The queen subterranean termite lays approx. 2,000 eggs a day and can live up to 25 years if not exterminated. Her body is enormous. Subterranean only require a tiny gap 1/32″ in concrete flooring or mortar joist in brick walls, roofing and other structural timbers in a building.. They also penetrate cracks.

What should I do if I need Subterranean Termite Control?

When we find them it’s always a good idea to do a full perimeter treatment of your home, since that’s where they build their colonies from the ground.  When it comes to Subterranean Termite Control we can also, depending on the situation, offer a “localized treatment” or sometimes both treatments together is a good option. It fully depends on the situation and every situation is different.  Easy Termite is equipped and highly trained to handle any type of Termites including Subterranean Termite Control.