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Real Estate Termite Inspection

Real Estate Termite Inspection – Escrow Inspection  – FREE

Real Estate Termite Inspection is an entirely different type of Inspection in comparison to Residential or Commercial Termite Inspection.  Are you in need of Real Estate Termite Inspection to make sure you can sell your home? Agents or not, we are able to perform a full Real Estate Termite Inspection, or Escrow Inspection as some call it.  Not only do we provide a Real Estate Termite Inspection but are also able to do any needed Termite Control or Termite Damage Wood Repairs that may be needed in order for you to pass a Real Estate Termite Inspection.

Did we mention that our initial Escrow Inspections are also free? That’s right, we will provide you with your first Escrow Inspection completely 100% Free.

Real Estate Termite Inspection, Termite Control and Wood Repair in Los Angeles

Real Estate Termite Inspection or Escrows Inspections are divided into four, easy to understand sections. When we send out our Highly Trained Termite Inspector who specializes in Real Estate Termite Inspection he or she will divide it into the following four easy sections.

Section 1  Live infestation work has to be done to get certification

Section 2 – Things that could lead to live infestation, items should be done but don’t have to be.

Section 3 – Further inspection. There was stuff in the garage that prevented a thorough inspection, a bedroom door was locked couldn’t get in that room etc.

Section 4 – Informational item Some kind of information the inspector felt the owner should know.  Maybe remove woodpile against house, or entryway or similar.

Real Estate Termite Inspection work such as Wood Repair and Termite Control

Once our Escrow Termite Inspector has completed the Free Inspection, they will let you know what work will need to be completed in order for you to meet requirements for certification.  This may be a small amount of work or even no work at all, but could also be depending on the infestation a larger job.  Easy Termite can provide all the work to meet the certification from Termite Control to Wood Repairs due to Termite Damage.  Easy Termite is always honest, affordable and willing to work with all of their customers.  We will make sure to offer you only the best Real Estate Termite Inspection.