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Drywood Termites

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Drywood Termite Control in Los Angeles

Drywood Termite Control is one of our more popular services for the Los Angeles area.  This is because Drywood Termites are the one of the most common types of Termites in the Los Angeles.  Drywood Termites mostly attack drywood and commonly infest a home or business from the roof down, compared to subterranean termites which normally begin their infestation from the ground and go upwards.   Drywood Termites do not require soil to build their colonies, instead they construct their colonies inside wood.  This is why Drywood Termites are more difficult to detect until fecal pellets are present, which come from the worker termites kicking the pellets out small holes in the wood.  These are called in the industry “kick out holes”.  Once you notice the pellets or spot the kick out holes its important to contact us to begin our Drywood Termite Control immediately. Pellets are easily spotted directly below or near and active infestation.

What if I am in need of Drywood Termite Control?

If we find a few small areas of infestations preforming a Drywood Termite Control Inspection (which is 100% Free) we could offer you an even easier Drywood Termite Control service.  Depending on how bad the infestation is we could offer a Localized Treatment.  This is where we would drill and treat a small infestation.  However if we find pellets or signs of a termite infestation in the attic as well as the lower level this could indicate a much more serious infestation. When the infestation is on the larger scale the best recommended Drywood Termite Control would be Fumigation (tenting) your home or residence.

If we found a few areas of Drywood Termite pellets in different areas we could offer you, depending on how many, a “localized treatment” which is where we would drill and treat the area of infestation. If pellets were found in the attic as well as the sub area this would indicate a much more serious infestation and the recommendation would be to fumigate (tent) your home. There are a few different types of Termites in the Southern California area.  Our team of experts only provide the highest quality Drywood Termite Control as well as handling all other types of Termite Control.