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Dampwood Termite Control

Easy Termite – Dampwood Termite Control in Los Angeles

Dampwood Termite Control and Treatments in Los Angeles

Dampwood Termite Control is one of the rarer services we provide, this is because Dampwood Termite are not normally found in the Los Angeles area. Though as rare as these termites are some people still on occasion end up with a Dampwood Termite infestation in their homes. Dampwood termites require wood that has a high moisture content to be able to survive. More often they nest in wood that has fallen to the ground, therefore it retains a lot of moisture keeping a perfect moisture level for Drywood Termites to survive.

At first glance the Drampwood Termite looks like the more common Drywood Termite due to their many physical similarities, but the two species also have many different characteristics. Once our highly trained Termite Specialist issues your Free Inspection we will let you know if you are in need of Dampwood Termite Control. The most noticeable difference is the Termites size, Dampwood Termites are 3/8” to ¾” long while a drywood termite size is ¼” to 3/8” long.  As you can see the Dampwood Termite is much larger is size compared to the Drywood Termite.

illustration of different types of Dampwood Termites

How do I know if I need Dampwood Termite Control?

Not only are Dampwood Termites larger in size then the Drywood Termite, but also have very different traits. This is why Dampwood Termites require special Dampwood Termite Control.  Dampwood Termites really look very much alike except for the other following basics. Dampwood Soldiers defend their colony against other insects that might attack. They have a flattened brown head with long brown to black mandibles. They also have dark brown wings and their reproductives are dark brown in color as well while the rest of their body is a golden yellow color.

Dampwood Termites normally inhabit any place Damp Wood is discovered. For example Dampwood Termites can be found near old utility poles, old piles of damp wood, around a rotting deck, leaky shower stalls and leaky roof eaves. Whenever you notice damp or rotting wood in your home you should always check to see if you find signs of a termite infestation and make arrangements with us for our Dampwood Termite Control.